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Buriburizaemon's Drawing Song
Buriburizaemon's Drawing Song - Shin

Buriburizaemon's Drawing Song was used as ending song in episode 938–942 of Crayon Shin-chan.


SHIN: It’s the Buriburizaemon drawing song!

SHIN: Grab a piece of paper and a pen!

BBZ: Twin sunny-side eggs,

BBZ: Lucky!

BBZ: Jutting off the side of the plate.

BBZ: Two pickled plums (umeboshi), sour!

BBZ: Pick up your chopsticks and let’s eat!

BBZ: Now draw a hoof squeakily-clean,

BBZ: And before you can say “oink”,

BBZ: There’s Jean Pierre Andre Josefdo Chateau-Brianne!

(note: that name’s an alias he uses in an early special (野原刑事の事件簿2だゾ))