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Bo-chan (ボーちゃん) is one of Shin-chan's friends and classmates from the sunflower class, he is 5 years old. Sometimes he is called 'Bo-chan'.

He seems slow and expressionless, but is actually quite smart and has an interest in artistic, adult-oriented things. He loves to collect various kinds of stones, and investigating urban legends and various mysterious objects such as UFOs. He has his own place where he says the rarest stones in Japan can be found. He often surprises his friends with his insight, though he speaks quite slowly. He always has a trail of mucus running down his nose and can perform various tricks with it. Bô-chan always volunteers for the role of pet dog (犬 Inu) or cat (猫 Neko) when the group plays house. After the nursery he likes to go to a Kasukabe store in which tatami is made, he loves to see how they do it.

He is a functionally slow-speaking boy who is passionate about oddly shaped rocks. Like his interests, he's very odd and mysterious, which can sometimes be useful in certain situations. His mother (母親 Hahaoya) has appeared only once in the manga and his father (父親 Chichioya) has never appeared.

He is a member of the Kasukabe Defense Organization.


Ms Suzuki (mother)[]

Ms Suzuki has just appeared once and she and Bo are lovely mother and son.

Mr Suzuki (father)[]

Mr Suzuki has never appeared in both the manga and anime.


They are very good friends and Bo helps Shinchan many times. Bo is the only best friend that keeps remembering Shin-chan and is passive to him. Compared to the other 3 of Shin-chan's best friends, Bo understands Shin-chan's behavior the most and usually joins Shin-chan's things too, for example: playing hide and seek without seeker, imagining playing ball in the head etc.


They both are often together in most situations. They get along pretty well and are good friends too. Masao said in one episode that only Bo understands his feelings as he always calmed and comforted him when he cried.


He and Kazama are also good friends and Kazama is sometimes teased by Shinchan that Bo is more intelligent than him.


They are good friends too. Both of them understand and always support each other.

Voice actors[]

  • Japanese: Chie Satō
  • English (Vitello): Eric Loomis
  • English (Phuuz): Richard Cansino
  • English (Funimation): Chris Cason
  • Portuguese (European, Vitello/Phuuz): Rui de Sá
  • Portuguese (European, LUK): Pedro Carneiro (2004 - 2005) → Paula Pais (2009 - Present)
  • Spanish (European): Maite Mulet (2000 - 2001) → Antón Palomar (2002 - 2003) → Alberto Escobal García (2003 - Present)


  • In Japan names are pronounced with the last name first, making Bo's Japanese name Suzuki Bo.

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