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On the left, the mother of Bo-chan in the imagination of the boys (volume 10). On the right, his mother in reality, although from a distance.

Ms Suzuki (ボーのママ / ボーちゃんのママ) has appeared only once in the manga. She is the mother of Bo and Nizu. Shin-chan, Kazama-kun, Nene-chan and Masao-kun have tried to imagine what she looked like. Nothing is known about her husband except that she lives with her son in Kasukabe.

In volume 10 of the manga we do see Bo-chan's mother. It is a story in which Shin-chan, Nene, Masao and Kazama want to find out who Bo-chan's mother is. First, they try to imagine it: while Shinnosuke thinks of a beautiful young girl, the rest believed that she will have the same features as Bo-chan.

They decide to follow Bo-chan to his house, but they cross a parade and lose him. In the end they saw Bo and his mother from afar, but cannot distinguish her face. The boys conclude that even if they do not know the origins of Bo-chan, it does not matter because he is a good boy.