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Barrel(バレル Bareru) is an executive of the Pig Hooves. He has the look of a handsome host but is self-conscious about his short stature and legs. He wears shoes that secretly add 7 cm to his height, but even then, his short legs are noticeable, and Shinnosuke points this out. His weakness is that he loses his will to fight if he loses his shoes. Towards the end, he points his gun at Shinnosuke and his friends as the final enemy, but once they remove his shoes, he quickly surrenders and breaks down in tears, losing all will to fight.

He carries two automatic pistols hidden in his suspenders and starts shooting when he's in a bad mood (though Shinnosuke manages to dodge his shots). However, he also shows a side that's uncharacteristic of an executive, as he often gets swept along by Shinnosuke's flow. He tries to act cool but is actually very sharp-tongued and has a violent streak, as shown when he slaps one of his subordinates for laughing at him, despite it being his own fault for getting caught up in Shinnosuke's antics.