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Tía Fusae

Aunt Fusae

Aunt Fusae (ふさえ おばさん) is Hisae's younger sister, Yoshiji Koyama's sister-in-law, the maternal aunt of Misae Koyama, Masae, and Musae, Hiroshi Nohara's aunt-in-law, and also the maternal great-aunt of Shinnosuke Nohara and Himawari Nohara. She has only appeared in the anime when the Noharas traveled to Kumamoto to visit Misae's parents. She is 58 years old and she loves Omiai marriage interview magazines.


  • Hisae (younger sister)
  • Yoshiji Koyama (brother-in-law)
  • Masae Koyama (niece)
  • Misae Koyama (niece)
  • Musae Koyama (niece)
  • Hiroshi Nohara (nephew-in-law)
  • Shinnosuke Nohara (great-nephew)
  • Himawari Nohara (great-niece)

Character relationships[]

  • Semashi Nohara - Her nephew-in-law's older brother and also her niece's brother-in-law.
  • Ginnosuke Nohara - Her nephew-in-law's father and also her niece's father-in-law.
  • Tsuru Nohara - Her nephew-in-law's mother and also her niece's mother-in-law.