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Akiko Hinagata in the front page of a 1996 magazine

Akiko Hinagata (雛形あきこ, born January 27, 1978) is a Japanese actress, singer and former gravure idol. She made her acting debut in 1992 in the TBS drama Obenkyō. Since then, Akiko Hinagata has acted in dozens of TV series, movies and radio programmes, as well as theater representations or entertainment programs. In 1994, she was chosen Fuji Television Visual Queen. Two years later, Hinagata received the Golden Arrow Graph prize. She has also released 6 singles and three albums.

In the 1996 movie Crayon Shin-chan: Great Adventure in Henderland she voiced herself in a the first guest cameo in Shin-chan films. She was also the singer of the theme song of the movie, SIX COLORS BOY.

Akiko plays the role usually played by other idols (i.e. Fumie Nakajima), being summoned by Shinnosuke a couple of times when he was given a magic card able to fulfill one's desires. The effects of the magic only last for few minutes, and Akiko vanishes after them, leaving Shinnosuke distressed.

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