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The 16th episode of the third season of Crayon Shinchan premiered on 2 May 1994 in Japan. It is the 95th overall regular episode.


"I play house with the leader of the gang"

On the school playground Shinchan and his friends want to roleplay a situation. They divide the roles and ask principal Bunta to play the child. The enacted family eats dinner and then they take the child to the doctor. Shinchan and his friends convince Bunta to play naked. Midori tells the class to go inside the classroom to eat their snack.

"Mom has no driver's license"

Misae is preparing Shinchan for school. He misses the bus again causing Misae to bring him to school again. She wants to drive in a car instead of on a bicycle. In the afternoon when Shinchan is home Hiroshi comes back from his work. He discourages Misae to take driving lessons. She however goes against him and goes to the driving school. Because she only has an old photo with her she has to take a new photo. Back home Hiroshi helps his wife study but she fails her test.

"Attending driving lesson"

Misae does not give up and keeps studying. In practice she has trouble adjusting. In the daycare Shinchan is bored. Misae takes her first drive. Shinchan has more attention for the female caretaker than the educational playing. When the caretaker is distracted Shinchan takes off and drives his toy car to the actual driving course. There he causes a traffic accident. The caretaker tries to catch Shinchan. Misae has an arguement with her driving teacher.



Starring characters

Recurring characters

Guest characters

  • Female caretaker
  • Male driving instructor
  • Female desk clerks
  • Students



Text editing

  • The book that Shinchan holds in which the role playing game he is playing with his friends is described has a translated cover in the Vitello English dub.


  • All three segments were used for Vitello's English dub episode 1.
  • The English dub titles of the segments are "Playing house", "Mom wants to drive" and "Mom takes driving lessons".
  • The Dutch dub titles of the segments are "Vadertje en moedertje spelen", "Mam wil rijden" and "Mam neemt rijlessen".