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The fourteenth episode of the third season of Crayon Shin-chan premiered on 18 April 1994 in Japan.


  • "Putting my Heart into Calligraphy" (Japanese: 書道で心をのにするゾ)
Misae learns to calligraphe.
  • "Cleaning Up the Kotatsu" (Japanese: こたつを片づけるゾ)
The kotatsu receives a clean-up.
  • "It's the introduction to the Buri Buri Movie" (Japanese: ブリブリ映画紹介だゾ)
Scenes from the new movie are shown.


  • Shinchan
  • Misae
  • Hiroshi
  • Teacher
  • Students


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  • Shinchan is seen reading the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood".
  • There are red marks shown on Shinnosuke's buttocks when he pulls his pants down to perform his Buri Buri dance. It is possible these marks are a result of spanking off-screen, Misae usually hand-slaps Shinchan on his head off-screen although on occasion a hit can actually be seen in an episode.