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The 49th episode of the third season of Crayon Shin-chan premiered on 13 December 1993 in Japan. It is the 78th overall episode.


  • "Knitting a Sweater" (Japanese: セーターを編むゾ)
Misae hopes to recycle the material of an old sweater for a replica.
  • "Riding a Packed Train" (Japanese: 満員電車に乗るゾ)
As Shinchan plays detective he follows father Hiroshi.
  • "I'm Good at Pachinko" (Japanese: 父ちゃんの会社で遊ぶゾ)
Shinnosuke has fun with the workers at his father's office.


  • All three segments were used for Phuuz's English dub episode 110.
  • The English dub titles of the segments are "I knit a sweater", "Ridin' the rush-hour train" and "I go to work with dad".
  • The Dutch dub titles of the segments are "Ik kan breien", "Zweten in de spitstrein" and "Bij papa op het werk".