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Episode 36 of season 2 is the 68th overall regular episode. It premiered on 4 October 1993 in Japan.


  • "Mom is on a diet" (Japanese: 母ちゃんのダイエットだゾ)
Misae tries to lose weight.
  • "I go to the sports club" (Japanese: アスレチックするゾ)
The pupils attend a sports event from school.
  • "Dad lost his eyebrows" (Japanese: 父ちゃんのマユゲがないゾ)
Shinchan shaves off his father's eyebrows.


  • All three segments were used for Vitello's English dub episode 2.
  • The English dub titles of the segments are "Mom's getting fat", "I'm a kiddie commando" and "Dad lost his eyebrows".
  • The Dutch dub titles of the segments are "Mam wordt dik", "Peutercommando's" and "Pap is zijn wenkbrauwen verloren".