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The second episode of the first season of Crayon Shinchan premiered on 20 April 1992 in Japan.


"Tricycles are Fun"

Shinchan sees a boy persuade the boy's mother to buy him a triycle. When Shinchan cannot pursuade his own mother to buy him a tricycle he decides to blackmail her by lifting her skirt up and telling people what color panties she wears. When that turns out to not be enough he tries to lift the skirts of other women. Misae decides it is enough and promises to buy him a tricyle. After the tricycle arrives Shinnosuke pulls pranks on Misae. During tricycling Misae tries to warn him for a downhill road but he goes down before he knows what is going on. He jumps off in time but the tricycle lands in a canal. While Misae searches for it in the water Shin runs away when he hears it is five o'clock. Because Misae is worried he is emotional because she can not find the tricycle she keeps on searching and then she finds the tricycle. When she arrives back home she finds Shinchan watching the Action Mask tv show on television.

"My Stomach is Going to Burst"

A new schoolday has started at the Futaba Kindergarten and the children sing the opening song. When Midori notices Shinchan is gone he comes back from the toilet. On the playground Shinchan gets stomach cramps. Midori with Shinnosuke rushes to Ume and they decide to call an ambulance. But then Shinchan says he feels better. When the pain comes back Ume and Midori interrogate him. They give him a medical treatment in the form of an enema. Back on the playground Shin feels a lot better. He has an argument with Toru. The classmates envy Shin's new life experience.

"A Nightmare for Dad"

Hiroshi has a nice dream, but Shinchan creates a nightmare with a nasty smell. When Hiroshi is awake he watches television with Shinchan. Misae goes out for a school reunion. Shinchan persuades Hiroshi to visit the snackbar with him. When Shinchan only wants things that are not on the menu Hiroshi orders for him. While eating his burger Shinchan is distracted and tries to flirt with an adult woman. His father drags him away from the adult woman. Then Shinchan blurts out that Hiroshi is watching the butt of a female and Shinchan points to the ass. Hiroshi is again infuriated. Back home Misae asks how their day was to which Shinchan answers her husband found a beautiful woman.



Starring characters

Recurring characters

Guest characters

  • Boy wanting bike
  • Mother of boy
  • Snackbar employee
  • Female customer
  • Old man


Shown on television

  • TV show: "Action Mask"
  • Characters: hero Action Mask, villain Green Monster
  • TV show: talk show about labor
  • Characters: Male host, female guest

Other scenes

  • Dream of Hiroshi
  • Characters: Hiroshi, Rie-chan, colleagues

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