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The first episode of the first season of Crayon Shinchan premiered on 13 April 1992 in Japan.


"Running an Errand"

Misae has forgotten to shop for groceries. To let her five year old son Shinnosuke, nicknamed Shinchan or Shin, gain a new life experience Misae decides to send him to fetch the items. Shinchan shows his mother he has been creative in drawing an elephant. Misae gives him a grocery list and he goes to the shop. While at first he finds the wrong shop just after that he finds the right shop. Because Shinchan does not know the amount the store employee sends him back home to get his phone number. Back home mother Misae becomes enraged and decides to do the groceries herself. While she is away Shinchan watches his favorite television show. At the dinner table Shinchan explains to father Hiroshi that Misae has gone to the shop. When Misae is done shopping she runs back home.

"Mama's Mornings are Busy"

Misae is disappointed having paid for the school bus rides while Shinchan was not able to use it every day. When Shinchan is about to be late for school again Misae tries to prepare him to be in time. When he is dressed Misae discovers Shinnosuke has an adult magazine in his school bag. After he brushes his teeth he starts eating breakfast. He has complaints about the kind of breakfast. When the school bus arrives he still has to get his school hat. When he cannot find it he decides to use his mother's underwear as a hat. Misae helps him to get the right hat. When he reaches the bus he has to go back home to change his underwear because he did not make it in time to the bathroom.


During class Shinchan is joking around instead of drawing. Teacher Midori tells him to draw anything he likes. He goes outside to draw a beautiful woman willing to model for him. Midori tells him to use his fantasy instead of attracting women from outside the school grounds. Back in the class the students continue drawing. Female classmate Nene is drawing a flower. Shinchan makes male classmate Masao cry over Masao's drawing. Male classmate Bo has finished sketching a ball. Male classmate Toru has in detail drawn a mountain under a skyline. Shinchan ruins Toru's painting. Shinnosuke has trouble remembering what an airplane looks like making him unable to draw an airplane. Midori helps him to speed up the result. Teacher Ume brags her class is better at drawing than Midori's class.



Starring characters

Recurring characters

Guest characters

  • Fishsalesman
  • Meatsaleswoman
  • Female model


Shown on television

  • TV show: "Action Mask"
  • Characters: hero Action Mask, Action Mask's assistant, villain Black Turtle, villain's henchmen

Home video releases


Scenes removed

  • The scene where Shinchan shows his mother he has drawn an elephant around his genitals is completely removed in the Hindi dub.
  • The part where Misae physically scolds Shinchan is completely removed from the Hindi dub.


  • This episode debuts the opening song "Dobutsuen Wa Taihen Da" and the ending song "Uta Wo Utao".